Metafit Body Weight Training- the Original HIIT workout!

A Metafit is a Short, Sharp and Super effective workout, super super cardio! 

Metafit works all the major muscle groups at the same time, and uses only your own body weight.  aimed at all Suitable for all fitness levels.  

This is a fast and effective exercise program designed rise your resting metabolic rate... which means you burn calories for longer.

 Metafit run along to a motivating sound track that is fun, and funky. 

We run Metafit at Port Melbourne, Albert Park and Middle Park, and  Elwood, all classes are child friendly.

Strong Women / Mums & Bubs

We love to train women, we incorporate weights and cardio, a good laugh and learn to built strong bodies, whilst creative connections in our community, and enjoy the nature in the park!

Mums & Bubs

These classes concentrate on giving you a strong, safe and strengthening workout whilst the kids look on. Post and Pre pregnancy, weights and a good mix of cardio. 

Class goes for 45minutes


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Alma Park , St Kilda

Meet at the bottom near dog park

Port Melbourne Location


 Corner of  Liardet and Dow street.... 

The beauty is you get stuck into your workout whilst the kids play on the park- everyone's a winner! 


@ Bubup Wominjeka Centre

85 Liardet Street

Middle Park Primary School

Mills Street, Middle Park.

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