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Why do we have to discipline ourselves?

a Buddhist quote comes to mind 'One must exert oneself in order to cultivate goodness'

This morning when I was walking to school to drop my son off I really wanted to just go to the coffee shop and have a coffee and muffin, I wanted to take my morning for myself, push all my appointments back and give in to my sugar and coffee cravings that always leave me feeling like crap.. I know this after being a caffeine addict for 10 years. Then this quote came to my mind, it has been a powerful quote in my life and I know it really gets results!

If we are to get the things we truly want out of life, what does it take? it takes discipline, simple.

You must exert yourself! That's it! Sounds simple doesn't it? 'all I have to have is discipline' but when those moment arise that can cripple your well-being and goals.. you just want to chill, stay in bed, eat processed food, sugar foods, drink more wine, sleep with that guy or girl, take drugs, shout at your kid..... discipline becomes excruciating not simple!

Where is discipline at those moments?? is it there saying "No don't give in! ride out this moment because the next moment you will feel better, you are strong! you are a powerful human the strongest animal on the planet, and you have to get through this to bring your message to the world!"

or does it say 'Ow well you are a failure, next time...but this time give in'

Consider if you will where that voice comes from? and are you good enough for your goals? you were when you made them. You have to practice that good self talk to follow through with discipline.

Discipline is the one thing you have to have to get your goals.

'It's the number one ingredient' get it, and you will get your goals, exert your discipline, do not stop at easy -go straight past easy to tired, bored, lonely, stay in the process and take the hard road always, exert yourself and you will get to that goal! Guaranteed!

'The only thing you need is discipline'

Namaste Keighly

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