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Are you self motivated with your training but not seeing results??

Training with a meal plan and constant online support is what you need!


*6 Weeks Meal Plan

*Online check in's and Direct Constant support!

*Training Guide and Plans

"Recently I participated in Sweat With Soul's 6 weeks meal plan and body renewal program, as daunting as it was considering I have never been on a program before! it was a huge challenge for me in a good way, I was ready for a shake up, I gained a lot of knowledge, awareness and support from Keighly and the other women involved.

It was a really positive experience, I lost 6kg and changed the shape of my body, and I was surprised with the great results 

I was able to see improvement in my strength and shape in my body. 

I would recommend anyone doing this that wants a positive change."

Edna, 42 St Kilda

Keighly’s 6-week meal and training plan is a rewarding exercise in discipline, focus and love. With close daily attention to what we eat (much more protein!) how often we train (3 times a week) and how we feel, Keighly guides us through a program that tweaks the way we think about ourselves and our bodies, especially as women and mothers of a certain age. I lost 2.5kg, gained muscle strength and developed a new understanding of self love and the importance of physical strength & resilience as we age.  

Fay, 56 Balaclava

This program was like hitting the reset button for me. I shifted my focus from looking after everyone else to caring for myself first. I prioritised training, drinking enough water and eating good food. I felt a bit yuk for the first day or two. Then I felt good and quickly fell into a routine. Gradually, I noticed my thinking became clearer, my concentration improved, I lost 4kgs and toned up. I felt fitter, stronger and more ‘together’, like the best version of myself. Keighly was a great guide throughout the journey. She was understanding and kind when I needed it, and supportive, motivating and encouraging throughout. I highly recommend this program.

Gen, 40 St Kilda

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