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...Plus our sister Blue Sky Active!

At Sweat With Soul Fitness we train hard with a powerful difference, we work with the whole of you!

It's a tough workout yes, but it's not just about smashing the body,

Sweat With Soul Fitness incorporates a strong workout, with a sprinkle of mindfulness, a dash of meditation, and a sparkle of soul searching. Get to a class and experience the Sweat With Soul difference.

Empower yourself Body, Mind & Spirit with Sweat With Soul Fitness!


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'Every class feels like it was made for me. Just touches me deep inside every time.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart. 
Looooooove it'

-Alka, for Yoga

Global Business Services

'I love, love, love the yoga at lunchtime, it is my fave day of my working week'


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'Beat the Winter Blues'

-Amy Cooper